At Prima Car Care our number one priority is customer service. Not only do we bring you the finest car care products, we want you to feel like you have been completely taken care of when you make a purchase with us. You're treating your vehicle to the best in car care; you shouldn't have to accept service of a lesser standard. You often hear companies talk about service, but here is what we do to achieve our goal of being the best. 
We offer expert product assistance and personal care. We have close to 25 years experience in the car care business. We have worked on everything from basic transportation to exotics. We have tested and used hundreds of products. There isn't much we haven't seen. This is the knowledge we use to train our staff and educate our customers. We also work closely with our manufacturers and have built partnerships which ultimately benefit you. If you should have any questions, an expert is available by phone or email to help you through a detailing issue. We enjoy talking with customers and it is a pleasant treat to hear from you. We are equally capable of assisting both the novice and the expert car enthusiast. Just starting out and feeling overwhelmed by the products and techniques out there? We'll first listen to your specific needs and concerns and then simplify the vast world of car care for you, custom-tailored to you. Or, are you already well-seasoned in detailing techniques and looking for highly technical ideas and tips? We will share with you our experiences as well as the latest and greatest in the industry.

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