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Polish & Wax
Prima polishes and waxes are the core of the product line.  Each is super-concentrated and contains only the highest quality ingredients- creating brilliant results with ease.

Cut: A heavy cutting polish for serious paint imperfections.  It removes heavy scratches, oxidation and sanding marks.  It contains no silicones or waxes, making it safe on freshly painted surfaces.  Recommended for use with a machine polisher.  Requires a second step with Prima Swirl.

Swirl: A special medium abrasive for deeply cleaning paint and safely removing swirl marks without the use of waxes, silicones or fillers. Prima Swirl produces a smooth, swirl-free finish. It is safe and appropriate for all types of paint finishes, including clear-coat and freshly painted surfaces.  Can be used by hand or with a machine polisher.

Finish: A light finishing polish used to remove fine paint imperfections, such as hazing left by a more aggressive polish.  It is especially effective on soft paint (such as most BMW paint).  Mild cleaners help remove oxidation buildup.  Finish is silicone and wax free.

Amigo: Use it once and it's your new best friend!  That's exactly what we said when we perfected this formula.  Amigo is a unique product, unlike any other we've ever seen.  It's a polymer-based glaze.  Most glazes are not polymer-based and cannot be followed with a wax.  Amigo offers all the properties of a high quality glaze while prepping your paint for wax- even synthetic wax.  It fills light surface imperfections and cleans the finest remains of your other prep steps.  It leaves a super glossy, slick finish, which looks especially impressive on dark paints.  Truly an amazing product!  Can be applied by hand, but machine polisher application will yield the most dramatic results.  Does not contain any silicone or wax. 

Epic: A synthetic wax with a wet-look gloss, superior durability, and extreme ease of use.  Epic is wipe on, wait 30-45 minutes, then wipe off with ease.  No elbow-grease required!  The combinations of high quality resins and polymers creates a durable barrier to protect against UV and environmental damage.  The slick finish is dust-resistant, preventing daily dust buildup.  This is one of the very few synthetic waxes that looks fabulous on dark colors- even black!  Allow approximately 1-2 ounces of Epic per wax application.  Depending on exposure and environmental conditions, Epic will last 3-6 months.

Banana Gloss: see New Product Launches below for more information

Wheel Shield:Do you wish you could avoid scrubbing brake dust off your wheels every time you wash??  Prima Wheel Shield is the preventative approach to wheel cleaning.  Effective cleansers aid in polishing wheels as you apply Wheel Shield with a cloth or the Paradise Skinny App.  Simply buff right off with a cloth and you’ve added a durable protective layer which repels brake dust and road grime.  After using Wheel Shield, your next wheel cleaning will consist of a quick hose down and QD wipe.  Stop working so hard cleaning your wheels when you can prevent buildup in the first place with Wheel Shield!

Quick Detailer & Spray Wax

Slick: A polymer-fortified quick detail spray with unmatched slickness and shine.  The name says it all.  This quick detailer has a special blend of polymers which produce a shimmering wet-look shine while leaving an extremely slick finish. Mild cleaners lift grime, smudges and fingerprints. Slick also cleans glass. Its anti-static properties resist dust.  Slick is silicone-free and safe on paint, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim.  Our best selling product!

Hydro: A remarkably durable wax-as-you-dry spray.  After washing your car but before you dry, simply mist Hydro on the surface.  Proceed to dry normally.  The result?  A beautiful glossy slick surface with solid protection.  Why wax when you can Hydro?
Other Products

Clarity: A powerful glass cleaner that cuts through grime, smoke and off-gassing, leaving a brilliant, streak-free finish. Clarity is without alcohol or ammonia, making it safe for all glass surfaces, including tinted windows.  Can also be used to clean plastics.

Nero: A water-based vinyl and rubber protectant and dressing for both interior and exterior surfaces.  Water-based means no messy, high-shine oils!  It leaves the surface with a rich, silky, matte finish.  UV inhibitors defend against sun damage.  Nero has excellent durabiity.  Suggested uses: dash, exterior plastic trim, tires, and any other plastic or vinyl surfaces.

Mystique Auto Wash: Welcome to an entirely new experience in vehicle cleaning! This super-concentrated formula lubricates the surface as it safely lifts dirt and sheets it away. Unique polymers brighten the paint while leaving it feeling slick and conditioned.  Of course, Mystique will not strip wax.

See New Product Launches below for more products!

New Product Launches

Now available!

*Prima Infinity Trim & Tire Cream: Low gloss, beads water, lasts for months.

*Prima Hydro MAX:
Our newest spray!  A "jekyll & hyde" of our famous Hydro spray wax and our popular Hydro Seal.